Kick Butt Columbus – Securing Our Environment

Yesterday suretyCAM security and automation participated in Kick Butt Columbus, an annual spring effort started 5 years ago by Pat Lynch of Peabody Landscaping, which is now being sponsored by the City of Columbus and various private sponsoring companies such as Peabody, to clean up litter including cigarette butts on our freeway ramps here in Columbus Ohio. Our team cleaned up the entrance and exit ramps at Roberts Rd. and I-270 in Hillard. You’re welcome Joe.

Together we collected several truckloads of trash and cigarette butts from just that one intersection! Our team collected more bags of trash than any other team with a record 130 bags of trash! Thanks to Jonathan Raymond and Pat Lynch of Peabody Landscaping for setting up and leading our team!

suretyCAM's Ryan Boder cleaning up Columbus

suretyCAM's Ryan Boder cleaning up Columbus


About the Author:

Ryan Boder founded suretyCAM with a single goal – to shake up the security industry and show customers that it can be done differently, that it can be done better. The security industry needs a shot in the arm. Ryan brings a fresh perspective that is based on common sense as well as advanced engineering. His background as a software, electrical and computer engineer developing top secret military systems has given him the ideal technical foundation on which to build the next generation of security and automation services. suretyCAM is not a sales organization, it is a security engineering firm owned and managed by engineers. Our mission is to help you protect yourself by providing you with the tools and the knowledge to do so. Ryan’s experience in home security includes designing and installing custom security systems for the high-end residences of the rich and famous. Millionaires and even billionaires have trusted Ryan to design their home security systems and now he’s applying those same concepts to your home. Receiving a B.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from Carnegie Mellon University and a M.S. degree in Computer Engineering, from Ohio State University, Ryan’s work has been featured in the United States Army and Navy systems as well as Israeli, French, South Korean and Italian defense systems. Ryan’s areas of expertise are security and automation systems, the cohesive integration of heterogeneous devices, QoS in wireless networks, instrumentation radar and motion control, distributed system design, real-time operating systems, reliable embedded systems, discrete event simulators, Internet and web based software, and project management.


  1. Security systems  April 2, 2012

    Security of the environment is actually the security of us.There should be proper planning to secure our environment.As this is not a light topic to think about.Every person should be responsible enough to take care of its society where they live in.Thanks for the wonderful blog.

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